What really makes a good restaurant, according to Wolfgang Puck


While clean bathrooms and food arriving on time are among the many things to look for when looking for a quality restaurant experience, Wolfgang Puck has a way of explaining the necessary factors to look for to find a good restaurant that brings together all the elements to create a peaceful environment for employees and customers. Puck supports the claim that the interactions between staff and customers are just as important as the food. He thinks dining out should be about having fun at the event stating that “going out to a good restaurant is not just about going out for food, it’s about going out and having a good experience, catch up with friends and celebrate what’s special” (via Business Insider).

Puck’s belief that restaurants should be centered around a positive vibe was further refined during the height of the pandemic when he did his best to add simple touches to his restaurants as people began to return to gastronomy. He even went the extra mile by considering a piano player and bringing in special plants during the winter for his upscale restaurant, Spago, when public establishments were still at limited capacity (according to the Los Angeles Times). He did everything to prevent the customer experience from being stifled.

Additionally, Wolfgang Puck wants people to know and understand that the difficulties he faced in reaching his current status made him realize what it takes to create an atmosphere that people want to feel when dining out.


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