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The restaurant sector is slowly recovering. Placer’s RJ Hottovy dives into the stats and offers insight into the mechanics behind the recovery.

Restaurants have gone through a spin in the past two years. From retention challenges and supply chain issues to creating digital initiatives and building leadership teams that will thrive, we’re just seeing restaurants emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leveraging the latest location analytics to examine key elements impacting the hospitality industry was the focus of a free webinar, “Restaurant Catering: A Data-Driven Look,” presented by Placer and hosted by Fastcasual. com. The webinar speaker was RJ Hottovy, Head of Analytics Research for Placer. Hottovy has covered the restaurant, retail and e-commerce industries for nearly 20 years.

In the presentation, Hottovy noted that QSRs have led the way when it comes to restaurant visits, while full-service restaurants have lagged a bit, a natural result of a pandemic. The cafe segment performed well, while bars and pubs benefited from pent-up demand as we emerge from the pandemic.

“Surprisingly, fast casual also had a very strong 2021,” Hottovy said, “but we’ve seen visitation trends drop off more recently. Part of that has to do with gas prices and other inflations as consumers became more restrained and saw a bit more trade down, especially QSR.”

There’s always a huge demand to eat out, Hottovy said.

Gas prices also affect the size of trading areas. “We’ve started to see that commercial area, that number of unique visitors, start to drop more recently,” Hottovy said. “We are seeing a noticeable impact on the overall space. The key message here is that with the size of the retail area in most foodservice areas starting to shrink and the number of unique visitors starting to drop, it is more important than ever to make sure you capture the customers that come in…so we’re starting to see more innovation on that front.”

To learn more about Hottovy’s statistics on restaurant recovery, click here to watch the free webinar in its entirety.


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