Vandals target Madison County business with racist and vulgar graffiti


MIDWAY, Texas (KBTX) – Horse Breakers Cafe in Midway prides itself on its southern cuisine, but what vandals did to the black-owned restaurant over the weekend fell far short of what some would consider hospitality from South.

The Highway 21 barbecue and comfort food restaurant was the target of racial slurs, graphic images, and rude language that appeared to be aimed at law enforcement.

Business owners Marcus and Tametra Mathis say they didn’t expect this to happen.

“We’ve been vandalized and burglarized before, but not to this extent,” Tametra said. “It makes me feel awful and disrespectful.”

Community members who stopped by the restaurant on Tuesday were shocked and disappointed by the person(s) responsible. They say the small town of just over 300 people is better than that.

“It’s sad. As they are some of the nicest people I know and for people to do this to their business is just not acceptable,” Bridgett Scales said.

“The community is not going to tolerate it, we are not going to tolerate hate. It’s hate,” said Mary Carter. “It’s hate because of the color of someone’s skin, that’s all. We all bleed red. It does not mean anything. No way!”

Despite the situation, the Mathis family says they won’t let that deter them from serving the community.

“There are a lot more good people here and good families who believe in doing the right thing than a few little bad people.”

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

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