Vancouver vegan restaurant MeeT is coming to Victoria


Calling all Canadian vegans near Victoria who want to meet for food! This article is for you…

Boston Pizza’s former location on Hillside Avenue in Victoria has a new tenant and we’re happy to say it’s vegan! Vancouver-based vegan restaurantMeeT, which already has three locations in the city, will open its first restaurant on Vancouver Island on the site of Boston Pizza.

Jason Antony, co-owner of MeeT, said the business had “wanted to be in Victoria for years”, however previously found locations had failed before the pandemic brought huge uncertainty to the industry.

Meet concept

Antony explained that the concept of MeeT is less about veganism itself and more about being a great comfort food restaurant.

He added: “We do not advertise ourselves as a meatless eating establishment. We are above all a restaurant. Some people don’t even know that we are vegetarians.

Victoria was chosen for the next MeeT location, in part because of the proximity to parking as well as the potential for outdoor patio space.

Currently, the company is recruiting for various leadership positions at his home in Victoria. Take a look, if you fancy a change!

Canadian vegan inspiration

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