Toronto restaurant known for its Middle Eastern cuisine opens massive new 3-story location


A massive new multi-level location of one of Toronto’s most beloved Middle Eastern restaurants is on the way.

Parallel is already well known as a go-to place for hummus, falafel and Middle Eastern cuisine in general, served at their original location on Geary, but now they’re about to make a splash with a new location. huge in a different neighborhood.

The new space is expected to include three levels where you will find a bar, a store, a take-out kitchen, a 40-seat restaurant and a 40-seat patio.

The take-out menu will be similar to what you’ll find at Geary’s, and during the day you can order from a casual menu which is a simplified version of Geary’s.

At night, they plan to close the store and open a Mediterranean-style tapas bar with most dishes coming out of a tabun (gas oven). They should always have their falafel and hummus, but the dishes should be very seasonal.

A full bar will focus on Arak cocktails while providing other usual suspects. The entire interior should be industrial yet functional, meant to blend in with the street and market vibe.

A lower level will function as a commissary kitchen and production storage space, and catering should also function from there.

They hope to open the second floor in 2023 as an event space for around 100 people with a full kitchen, bar, seating and windows that open to the street.

The crowning glory of all this, and the real reason to move into the space, will be the stone mill at the heart of Parallel, which will operate full time within sight of the restaurant through a huge wall of glass. In fact, their production is already operating out of space producing their halva, tahini, spreads and spices.

“The reason we are now moving to this location has to do with the fact that we had no more space in our current space and had to move it
to a new location,” Parallel owner Aharon Ozery told blogTO.

“We also needed to expand our small bakery which occupied the production space at Geary. We love Kensington Market and are very happy to be able to do something there.”

The new location will open at 152 Augusta Ave., where Kensington’s businesses (Round nightclub and Krudar Muy Thai gym) once stood.

Parallel aims to open the ground and lower floors by March 2023. They hope to open the second floor by mid to late 2023.


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