Top 5 Restaurant POS Software of India in 2022


Restaurant billing software or point of sale (PoS) system has become an essential aspect of the restaurant industry. The whole objective of PoS is to simplify the management of billing operations. It eliminates the traditional method of bookkeeping with pen and paper. Among the many technological advancements made for the growth of the Indian restaurant industry, restaurant billing software has become the key to upscaling the business. Apart from simplifying restaurant management, there are many global and customer-centric reasons that have contributed to the high demand for PoS systems. Modern PoS software facilitates inventory management, online order processing and customer data management. This greatly facilitates the life of restaurateurs.

Why do you need a restaurant point of sale?
If you’re wondering why you need a restaurant POS, let us explain the benefits:
● Faster and customizable invoicing
● Simplified menu management (online and offline)
● Easy inventory management
● Keep complete track of company sales
● Easy management of online orders
● Detailed reports on all business aspects
● Simplified account management
● Manage your staff and their work in one place
● Multiple third-party integrations to support your business growth
And these are just a few of the many benefits of using restaurant billing software. But with so many players developing PoS technology, choosing the best restaurant POS for your business can be a difficult task. Below are a few products to choose from.

1. Petpoja
Petpooja has been in the market for a decade and through its drive for innovation has become the market leader serving over 35,000 restaurant customers. Cloud-based PoS technology is simple yet powerful. The PoS system is adaptable to every kind of restaurant model like QSR, Cafe, Bakery, Bar & Brewery, Fine-Dine, Cloud Kitchen, etc.

Petpooja provides 24/7 online and ground support (even on holidays) to help restaurants with POS operations. The Customer Support Department provides free and fast turnaround to resolve customer tickets. There are no additional costs for any visit, conservation or reinstallation. Along with such strong online support, Petpooja provides ground support in over 65 cities in India. Petpooja provides the standard price of ₹10,000 (including tax) for the PoS system in the first year and a renewal cost of ₹7,500 per year. Apart from the basic features, Petpooja also offers many add-on services like Captain App, Kitchen Display System (KDS), Online Order Matching, Website Development, Online Order Widget , Voice Call Kiosk and more!

2. Positive:
Posist is an industry veteran PoS system that started out as cloud native software. He primarily focuses on corporate accounts and has recently shifted his focus to overseas clients. Posist provides free training and installation for the first time. After-sales visits by team members are paid services. Posist’s paid online support is available 24/7 to answer all kinds of questions. It can be customized according to the needs of the outlet, and therefore the market price of the outlet varies. The basic billing system starts from ₹5,000 which does not provide access to many crucial restaurant management features.
Considering all the above aspects and comparing them to other existing PoS players in the market, Posist add-on services are considerably more expensive. They need material from Posist, thus increasing the overall cost of their product.

3. Rista/ Dotpe

In 2021, Dotpe, an e-commerce platform, acquired Rista to enter the restaurant PoS industry. In addition to catering solution providers, Rista also provides SaaS and billing solutions to salons and retailers in the market. Rista provides free installation and training services. However, if a user needs further assistance, they can use the paid customer support service. The user can also make an in-person visit to help resolve their query. On-Call Support is only available during Rista business hours and excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.
Rista PoS provides its service at ₹15,000 per year excluding tax. This is the price for the billing software only. PoS also provides a free license but provides access to only 200 products and 50 sales transactions per day. As one of the add-ons, Rista provides KDS software at ₹600 per month with additional hardware charges.

4. TMBill
TMBill is an efficient provider of cloud-based restaurant management solutions. Initially, the founders started their journey from a cloud kitchen model, but as they developed and analyzed the lack of PoS services for restaurant management, TMBill evolved into a billing solution of modern restaurant.

TMBill’s cloud-based desktop PoS costs ₹12,000 per year. Apart from this, TMBill provides customized restaurant billing software based on the restaurant model and its requirements. And so, there is no standard price for PoS. It provides the owner with a paid mobile application integrated into the main point of sale. With the help of the app, the owner can monitor the business anywhere. PoS provides additional services such as KDS (software only), Captain App, QR code payment method, customer loyalty app and many more features!

5. Torqus/Inresto
Torqus (now Inresto) is a well-established player in the point of sale space for restaurants. Dineout acquired it in 2018 and is now part of its Inresto offering. Torqus also offers a number of products outside of POS, such as the Head Office module and an ERP-like supply chain module. customization.

The price of PoS is ₹15,000 per year. This price includes the standard billing software, owner app, business reports and analytics, account management, and HO module for franchise owners. Torqus does not provide any special additional services.


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