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Waco is a charming city that has seen some of the most bizarre and fascinating events in recent Texas history, many of which have involved religious events or natural calamities. There’s no denying that Waco’s culinary industry is growing. There are plenty of intriguing places to eat in the city, from informal cafes focusing on local produce to wacky food trucks serving top-notch Cambodian cuisine.

5. Twisted Root Burger Co

If you’re hungry in Waco, head to Twisted Root Burger Co. and get their “chicken club pass,” which consists of grilled chicken breast with lemon brie cheese, avocado, strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion over wheat.

4. Dubl-R Old Fashioned Burgers

Since 1996, Dubl-R Old Fashioned Hamburgers has been a local drive-thru burger joint. Nothing says “America” ​​like an old game, flat cakeGriddle-style burger sandwiched between two buttered and grilled buns with grilled onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mustard, all served with fries in a red plastic burger basket.

3. Burger In-N-Out

1961 is the year the first Animal Style burger was built. Since then, In-N-Out Burger has followed its original version. They cook the beef patties in mustard and add your choice of hand lettuce and tomatoes, along with pickles, extra spread and grilled onions to make your Animal Style burger.

2. Dave’s Burger Barn

Cindy and David Hammons opened Dave’s Burger Barn in Waco, Texas on September 28, 2009. Dave’s dream is to open a burger business near one of the local high schools. Their commitment to quality begins with the meals they provide. All dishes on their menu are created to order, using 100% beef or chicken, and each burger patty is handcrafted. They pay a premium for a high quality fresh chuck of beef.

1. Fuddruckers

Fuddruckers was founded with the goal of creating the best burgers in the world. A project of this magnitude requires a commitment to excellence, which begins with Fuddruckers premium fresh Usda All-American beef. Choose from 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 pound patties, and they’ll always grill it to your specifications.


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