TikToker sparks debate after not being served at restaurant for lack of tips


A TikToker shared that she was not served at a restaurant because she had not tipped in the past, which sparked a debate.

The buelistic content creator went viral after responding to a TikToker who said “no one is forced to tip”. In her video, which has over 757,000 views, she accepted and shared a personal story that sparked a debate about tipping.

As a tattoo artist, Buelistic said she encourages all of her clients to tip tattoo artists, but she acknowledges that it’s not a requirement. The content creator then shared how she and her friends were refused service at a restaurant because they hadn’t tipped before.

“So yesterday I went to a restaurant with someone I love, and we decided that this time we would turn our duet into a trio and we invited a friend of ours,” she began. “When we sat down at the table, none of the servers showed up and one of the managers walked by and told us he didn’t want to serve us anymore.”

According to the TikToker, the reason the manager didn’t serve them was the tip. She clarified that as a tattoo artist, she makes sure to tip wherever she goes, but her friends don’t always do so or “have the finances to do so.”

“But do you think that’s reason enough to refuse to serve someone for the rest of their life if it’s based on tips and the service isn’t always up to par?” she asked her viewers.

TikToker sparks debate over tips

TikTok users were split on the subject, but many believe tipping is a choice, not an obligation.

“Tipping is not a requirement, it is my choice whether to tip or not depending on the service provided to me,” one user commented.

“It’s not a requirement, so don’t disapprove if you tip or don’t tip (especially if they start including the tip in the check),” another user wrote.

Others criticized customers who don’t tip.

“But I think NOT tipping when it comes to wait staff is tacky. If you don’t have money to tip, stay home,” one user commented. “If the service isn’t up to par…why come back? Yeah, I banned people who don’t tip,” another shared.

Some users have blamed restaurants and the service industry in general.

“It’s not up to us as customers to get noticed because their employers don’t pay them a decent salary,” one user argued, prompting TikToker to agree.

“Waiters shouldn’t need to rely on tipping, but the reality is that establishments build it into their pay…so sometimes the base pay is $2/hr,” someone shared. ‘other.


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