This restaurant is so popular that it has to close on weekends


Considering that this is usually the busiest time for a restaurant, it seems quite counterintuitive to close shop on weekends.

Unless, of course, you’re running Ladyone of the city’s liveliest dining destinations.

You see, the English seafood-centric restaurant that has become a cult foodie favorite thanks to its famous fish and chips is experiencing the “weekend rush”, well, all week. With its coveted tables booked weeks in advance and hundreds of hopeful diners on the waiting list, the West Village hotspot doesn’t need to satisfy the Saturday crowd. In fact, it’s more profitable for the place if it’s not.

As Dame owners Patricia Howard and Ed Szymanski explained to Eater this week, the cost (and chaos) of operating during what are considered “peak” weekend times just isn’t worth it. Also, as Szymanski said, “the weekend crowd isn’t as fun to work with as the weekday crowd.”

Instead, Dame opens on Mondays, when they welcome walk-in customers and generally cater to an industry crowd that is more enthusiastic and respectful of the establishment (Eater recalled a story in which a Saturday night customer requested a table without a reservation and had to be physically removed from the premises).

Boasting a team that cut their teeth at iconic locations like the Beatrice Inn, The Spotted Pig and Cherry Point, it’s not hard to see why Dame has become an instant hit since opening as a pop -up in 2020.

If you’re hoping to snag a table, you can wait to refresh Resy HERE or start queuing outside the spot before it opens on Monday.

[Photos via Dame]


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