There is no other restaurant like this in the United States and it is under construction in Idaho Falls


IDAHO FALLS – A restaurant unlike anything you’ve seen in the United States is coming to Idaho Falls.

Construction is underway on TCHE Brazilian Grill on the 6.5 acre property directly across from Lookout Credit Union on Sunnyside Road. The restaurant is part of a business expansion for Leavitt Women’s Healthcare that will include a mall with a women’s health clinic offering non-emergency care, a beauty clinic and an organic juice bar called Clean Juice.

The mall will be directly behind the Brazillian Grill.

Office administrator and project manager Dean Leavitt told that the grill will feature “an amazing hot and cold salad bar” with 40 different dishes.

“It’s Brazilian barbecue, so everything is skewered and cooked over high heat. It is individually cut for customers. You can choose whatever you want (but) it’s not an all-you-can-eat buffet,” says Leavitt.

Customers will be able to see the meat being cooked on rotating skewers in the dining room.

Leavitt describes it as a “special night out” destination because it’s priced higher. This is a new franchise model designed for a smaller market. Its parent company, Rodizio, is based in Salt Lake City and this is the first franchise of its new model.

“There’s nothing else like it in the United States because we’re the first and only at this point,” Leavitt says. “They can bring the price down by doing things a little differently. It’s still a Brazilian grill. The food and menu are almost exactly the same. He just cut stations instead of table service for your meat.

It will be housed in a 7,200 square foot building. With the construction industry being what it has been lately, Leavitt says the commercial strip should be completed in October. He doesn’t expect the Brazilian Grill to be finished until January.

A 60,000 square foot office building will eventually be added to the rear of the strip mall, but an exact timeline has not been determined.

Massive growth and a big vision are driving this project. Leavitt says it’s hard to keep track of patient numbers.

“When I started four years ago, we had four providers, three doctors and a medical assistant. We now have eight providers, three doctors and five mid-level providers, including three midwives. Idaho Falls is growing so quickly that no matter how many providers I add, they’re full of patients,” he says.

And that forces them to get creative about how to use their space, Leavitt says. A 15,000 square foot increase in their current space left room for an additional three acres to do something about. Leavitt says adding a restaurant seemed like a good choice.

“The design of the restaurant is crazy. It will be beautifully decorated with a nice aesthetic appeal, but with a price tag comparable to Texas Roadhouse,” says Leavitt. “This whole strip is designed to meet the needs of Idaho Falls women with healthy, organic, fresh juices and super healthy food options.”

A grand opening celebration is planned alongside the completion of the project.

Dr. Glenn Leavitt, the owner, is thrilled to unveil a project he’s always wanted to do that he says will provide options for customers not currently available. He is confident that customers will be satisfied with it.

“We really feel like what we have coming up will be very well accepted in the community,” Dean says.


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