The restaurant that wins for the bad behavior it offers its customers: rude and impolite waiters


When you think of a service from the hospitality industry, you immediately understand that you are paying for a specific treatment., because you are not paying for a coffee and a croissant that you can buy at the supermarket and you get at home for a very cheap price, you are paying for the experience of having it, having it for you and to offer you a modicum of empathy or good treatment. Well that’s theory, because in practice the reality is quite different… Because the color to taste.

a restaurant where the waiters insult you

If what used to be fashionable was to treat customers well, now anything out of the ordinary is flashy, rare is fashionable, and the more unusual, the more appealing. It seems unbelievable that the complaint letters were created to avoid receiving unfair treatment from the company, but… What if I tell you that there are people who are fascinated to be mistreated Why do you find this funny?

Why is your business model performing?

For these people, it is less surprising to understand that a new business model has triumphed where servers are the actors and deliberately treat diners inappropriately.And that, far from disturbing them, makes them fun.No, we are not joking with CADENA 100, it takes place in Sydney, Australia.the site in question From Llama ‘Karen’s Dinner’, And it’s an establishment that’s become popular for offering delicious burgers served by downright obnoxious waiters.

A crazy idea that fascinated the guests

The idea sounds cool at first, but the truth is that diners often laugh a lot at the rudeness and rudeness of waiters because the fun is going to this place with friends to see what they are able to say. A TikTok user named Pepe Jimenez has become popular on the social network for appearing comically Your experience at Karen’s Diner.

This time couldn’t have been crazier and surreal, highlighting how curious the awkward moment he was talking to her rudely is, because as this young man pointed out, it’s curious that you’re offended. How to laugh instead: “The strangest restaurant I have ever seen”He remarked assuring that they cut his sleeve when he asked for the bill, even tossing him a menu, true they brought him another later, not the resulting shame. And without complaining about it.

We don’t know how they will workSpain as a business formatBut what is clear is that it will be the dream job of many waiters who are not very good at working with the public and who are forced to do their business for economic reasons…. How many of us wish we could throw hamburgers in our faces!


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