The restaurant that leaves you in the dark – literally


The unconventional presentation of meals in the dark is based on the principle that your senses, such as taste and smell, are heightened in the absence of sight. Theoretically, you can smell all the herbs in your chicken or taste the complex flavors of the sauce on your pasta with much more clarity. But does this idea really hold water, or is it just a trick of the brain when we find ourselves unable to see? The answer can be a bit of both.

According to LiveScience, people blind at birth or from an early age may have “enhanced senses” due to the brain adapting to make the most of its environment. While that certainly doesn’t mean a blind person has some kind of “super” hearing or taste (at least, as far as we know), the process of neurons in the brain making new connections to better interact with the environment is responsible. A 2019 University of Washington study of hearing differences between blind and blind people found the former had tighter “neural tuning,” meaning blind people can pick up sounds better. in an environment.

While dining in the dark to appeal to other senses more might seem a bit strange, this isn’t the first time restaurants have done something bizarre to create a unique atmosphere for those who want to partake.


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