The restaurant industry faces rising food costs


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – You might have noticed that your trip to the grocery store has gotten a little more expensive lately. And you’re not the only one feeling it, the restaurant industry is also dealing with rising food costs.

Customers flock to The Original Pancake House.

Chad Stockland eats breakfast here after finishing his shift.

“I tend to come here every morning after work because it’s my all-time favorite place,” guest Chad Stockland said.

From eggs to pancakes and bacon, the options are endless. But owner Janet Eining says the prices of many of your favorites are rising.

“We’ve seen costs increase since the start of the year, it was slow at the start and now it’s increasing rapidly,” said owner Janet Eining.

Specifically, she says they are seeing a big increase in dairy and meats. She says egg prices have gone up 350%.

“And we go through 1,200 dozen eggs a week,” Eining said. “It’s having a big impact on our bottom line, so we’re at the point where we’re trying to find a realistic increase so we don’t scare people off, but we can still stay in business.”

Eining says they are currently reviewing their menu to determine exactly what those new prices might be.

“We’re hoping it’s temporary, we’re saving the menus so if it goes back down we’ll lower our prices, and I would definitely think that will happen at some point, I’d like it to be next week but I don’t see that is happening,” Eining said.

His staff is also at the front of his mind.

“We’re looking at ways to help them take some of the burden off of the grocery store prices, we’re family here, and if they see higher gas prices, we’ll figure it out. a way to help them with the gas that comes to work,” Eining said.

As for Stockland, he says nothing will stop him from eating at his favorite restaurant.

“I’m so addicted I’ll probably have to pay anything,” Stockland said.

Eining says they use 864 pounds of butter a week, another thing the price of which has risen dramatically.


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