Take your dog to the restaurant terrace


Restaurants in Alberta no longer need approval from a public health inspector to allow pooches on patios. However, customers should check restaurant policies before visiting, as establishments are not required to offer dog-friendly patios.

Premier Jason Kenney said it was part of the commitment to cut red tape.

“We’ve responded to requests from restaurants to remove unnecessary barriers so more businesses can accommodate dog lovers who like to eat out. I’m glad this change makes it easier for Albertans to support our restaurant industry when they take their dogs out on this patio. season,” he said.

Dr. Laura McDougall, chief medical officer of the Alberta Health Service, said AHS supports dog-friendly patios as long as it’s done in a safe manner.

“We will continue to be available to restaurateurs and Albertans to provide guidance and support in establishing and maintaining dog-friendly patios as needed,” Dr. McDougall said.

Establishments will continue to ensure food safety standards for all customers and will adhere to two main requirements, including that non-assistance dogs are only permitted on patios and not inside indoor food handling areas, such as as dining and food preparation areas. Customers must keep their dog on a leash or in a carrier and have physical control of it at all times.


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