Sharjah announces restaurant guidelines during Ramadan


Also, outlets need a permit to sell food from morning until Asr.

The authority added that the necessary authorizations for this will be issued in accordance with health checks and preventive measures. The municipality also concluded its preparations for Ramadan with inspections of food establishments.

Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Municipality, said the municipality has made the necessary plans to receive the holy month and prepared all its relevant departments and work teams to follow up on the preparation and service facilities of the food and assign 50 inspectors. food establishments to monitor their compliance with health controls.

He pointed out that the municipality has authorized restaurants and cafeterias to display food outside their premises after obtaining the necessary authorizations from the Health and Safety Control Department. The department has also started receiving applications from food establishments for permits to sell food during the day of Ramadan.

Al Tunaiji said the municipality is keen to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the emirate in line with the spiritual atmosphere of this month. Municipal inspection teams will intensify their efforts to monitor and act on any negative phenomena or distortions of public appearance.

The municipality will also set up two Ramadan tents, in cooperation with Sharjah Charity Association, to serve fasting workers in the municipality’s workers’ accommodations in industrial areas.

The municipality urges all members of the public to contact the call center on number 993 to report any violations, sightings or negative behaviour.


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