Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken Restaurant is Coming to 3 Tennessee Cities


Big Chicken will be coming to Tennessee as soon as Shaquille O’Neal’s fast food concept develops.

The chicken fast food chain started in 2018 from the NBA icon. The restaurant operates in 10 states, with more on the horizon.

Ten sites are planned for Tennessee in Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga, according to a press release. Details on when and where are not yet available.

The restaurant is known for both O’Neal’s presence and its menu, which includes dishes like Big and Sloppy, Crispy Chicken Grilled Cheese and (of course) Popcorn Chicken.

Big Chicken is known for its Big and Sloppy Grilled Cheese, Crispy Chicken and Popcorn Chicken.

“With four decades of restaurant industry experience under my belt, I know the importance of creating a ‘wow’ experience for customers,” said Jim Richards, owner of GPR Hospitality, which brings Big Chicken to the Tennessee, in a statement. “Big Chicken’s food, service and overall experience is truly second to none and as someone who has lived in the area for over 40 years I am confident that we will become a quick hit for the people of Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.”

This expansion to Knoxville is part of Big Chicken’s development schedule, with approximately 150 locations planned for the future.

“Jim’s extensive experience as a restaurant owner is extremely impressive and his enthusiasm for the business is infectious,” Big Chicken CEO Josh Halpern said in a statement. “Nashville is a great market and we’ve been excited to expand and Knoxville and Chattanooga are amazing college town markets that we’re also excited to enter. We look forward to supporting Jim and his team as they bring Music City and East Tennessee to BIG flavor, BIG food, and BIG fun! »

O’Neal previously lived in the Knoxville area for several years.


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