Seattle Restaurant and Outdoor Shop Expands to Boise Apartments


Those who never stray from the Basque blocks might have missed that a block away is an area poised to be the next hotspot in town. While construction is still ongoing, the developers are finally ready to announce some of what’s to come.

City officials have described efforts to renew the area as a return to Grove Street’s past life as a residential and commercial center.

The Lucy and Thomas Logan, two buildings adjacent to the corners of 5th and 6th Streets, came into being last year. Developers marketed the projects as mixed-use, with businesses on the lower floors and apartments above.

Developer Clay Carley of Old Boise LLC, who built the projects in partnership with Dean Pape of deChase Miksis and Bill Truax of Galena Equity Partner, said bringing people back east end of Grove Street has long been a dream of his. He remembers first considering its potential in 2000, when the area had become primarily a surface car park.

“There were attractive buildings and it was an interesting, clean place,” Carley said. “But it was a bit underdeveloped. Lots of parking lots. That’s what it used to be. It needed to grow and become more urbanized.

Both buildings began renting apartments, but the commercial area was slower to come together, and who would move in has remained a mystery until now.

While the ground floors are still under construction, the developers have confirmed five commercial tenants.

“Today, another 45 Boise families have affordable homes in our community,” Mayor Lauren McLean said at The Lucy’s grand opening on May 26.

Here’s what’s to come:


Tavolàta, a Seattle restaurant brand of Ethan Stowell Restaurants, will open its first restaurant outside of Washington on the first floor of The Lucy featuring Northwest-inspired Italian cuisine.

“It’s centered around fresh pasta using Northwest ingredients,” Sennen David, Ethan Stowell, vice president of marketing, said in a phone interview. “We make all our pasta in-house. We like to use things from the sea, and we do a lot of foraged ingredients.

Tavolàta’s name is a nod to the Italian word for table. Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Like its famed Seattle counterparts, the Boise location’s interior will be “simple, modern, and warm” with reclaimed wood and cement walls that use an “industrial minimalist palette.” according to David. Tavolàta’s name comes from the Italian word for “table,” and the Boise location will include long tables for large groups.

David called Boise a “vibrant and growing culinary scene,” which has played a role in Tavolàta’s first out-of-state spot over big cities.

“I know a lot of people want to go to really big cities,” David said. “But (Boise) is so much more exciting, and it’s so much more in our story coming to Seattle. There are so many similarities to the growth Seattle has seen, while still being very grounded and full of very real people.

Boise will be Tavolàta’s fifth location. Ethan Stowell Restaurants


Nature lovers can look forward to Stio, a retail store that will sell limited outdoor clothing and gear. Stio will offer hiking pants, jackets, backpacks and more. This will come at a price though, with mostly high-end items. Those looking to buy a hoodie should be prepared to spend upwards of $100. The store launched in Jackson, Wyoming and has since expanded to five locations.

The Jackson, Wyoming store was the first Stio store to open. Stio

Seasonal wine restaurant

Another restaurant will be set up on the first floor of the Thomas Logan. DeChase Miksis has so far declined to name him. Pape hinted at his nature, saying he will be “wine friendly” and “focused on seasonal ingredients.” He said it will “provide customers with an elevated experience in a relaxed atmosphere.”

stretch zone

An assisted stretch franchise with locations across the country also plans to make its new home the ground floor of the Thomas Logan. Stretch Zone professionals will help stretch clients’ muscles. The society advocates deep stretching as a way to relieve pain, aches, increase mobility, and improve athletic performance.

North pivot architecture

This Boise-based architectural firm will lease the entire second floor of the Thomas Logan as its new home. It worked on both Grove Street apartment buildings. Other local Pivot North projects include the Water Bear Bar, Matlack’s Boise building, and a number of new apartment buildings.

Reporter Sally Krutzig covers local government, growth and breaking news for the Idaho statesman. She previously covered the Idaho State Legislature for the Post Register.


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