REGO Restaurant Group is revolutionizing the franchise experience for its Quiznos and Taco Del Mar brands through a partnership with BCubed Manufacturing


DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its ongoing brand transformations, REGO Restaurant Group, parent company of quick casual sandwich chain Quiznos and regional Mexican chain Taco Del Mar, among other brands, has signed a strategic partnership and development with BCubed Manufacturing LLC, a Michigan-based manufacturing company that manufactures high-quality, fully-equipped drive-thru restaurants.

With approximately 650 square foot layouts designed for flexibility and efficiency, BCubed restaurants include both drive-through and walk-in windows. Designed to fit on plots of land that are too small for traditional restaurant development, BCubed restaurants contribute to a lower cost structure that supports labor and operating cost efficiencies. Modular restaurants – dubbed “The Qube” for Quiznos and “Baja Shack” for Taco Del Mar – are easily fabricated off-site, then shipped fully outfitted, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and inspected to any site, dramatically reducing timeline development.

The innovative concept was created by BCubed President Jeff Konczak, a real estate developer and entrepreneur who developed a modular restaurant concept with a streamlined development process to improve the business model for investors and provide a unique and engaging experience for consumers. . As the exclusive manufacturer of modular restaurants for REGO, BCubed Manufacturing vertically integrates its process to reduce cost and development schedule for Quiznos and Taco Del Mar franchisees, including reducing inventory lead times and accelerating lead times of production. For Quiznos, which has recently invested in improving nearly every aspect of its business – from a store design update and rebranding initiative to a revamped menu and new kitchen equipment – The prospect of offering a unique new model as well as traditional site development opportunities offers multiple avenues of growth for potential and existing franchisees.

“When Quiznos started in 1981, it was a complete disrupter, much like BCubed,” says Quiznos CEO Tim Casey. “It was doing things no other brand was doing and now we’re going back to those roots as the most innovative franchise, reinventing the brand and making Quiznos an exceptional investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for profitability and the growth. This exciting partnership with BCubed is an important aspect of Quiznos’ overall growth efforts designed to prioritize franchisee ROI potential.

Information about “The Qube” can be found on the new website OwnaQuiznos.comcreated to accompany the renewed interest in Quiznos as it resumes its position as a pioneer in its category. Ownaquiznos.comwhich contains details of the brand’s improvements to its business model as well as information on ongoing innovation efforts, has already caught the eye of potential investors.

“I look forward to working with REGO and its brands, bringing not only our construction expertise, but also an ability to scale through reduced construction times and a streamlined process,” said BCubed President. , Jeff Konczak, whose company Alpena Marc, LLC recently signed a two-unit development agreement to build and operate a Quiznos and a Taco Del Mar in Alpena, MI in the coming months. “Their approach aligns with mine, which ultimately comes down to wanting to do creative things with impactful brands.”

“We have every reason to believe Quiznos and Taco Del Mar will once again be as ubiquitous as ever,” Casey added. “How quickly we get there depends on franchisee enthusiasm, which to date has been resounding.”

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About REGO Restaurant Group / High Bluff Capital Partners

Based in Denver, Colorado, REGO Restaurant Group is a fast-food restaurant platform backed by High Bluff Capital Partners. The portfolio currently includes Quiznos, home to the original grilled sub, and Taco del Mar, which offers coastal Mexican cuisine. REGO Restaurant Group manages nearly 800 restaurants in 32 countries.

High Bluff Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in consumer-facing companies and brands with the potential for significant transformation and growth. The company’s team has extensive experience in investing, managing, leading and revitalizing consumer businesses in the restaurant, entertainment, food, beverage and retail markets. detail. More information can be found at

About BCubed Manufacturing LLC

The idea was born when a traditional food service store couldn’t support a drive-thru and owner Jeff Konczak thought he needed one. One day over lunch, he sketched plans for a modular drive-thru on the back of a napkin.

Jeff pitched his idea to Biggby Coffee, America’s fastest growing coffee franchise. They loved it! The first BCubed for Biggby Coffee store was installed in 2018 with the 40e building whose installation is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

Manufactured in a reclaimed foundry in Alpena MI, BCubed units are premium, self-contained, sectional buildings with drive-thru service. BCubed Manufacturing buildings are “plug and play” because they are pre-wired and pre-wired. It is a mobile and expandable capital investment.

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