Pancheros Mexican Grill Celebrates Milestone Anniversary


On August 14, Pancheros Mexican Grill, the fast-casual Mexican chain, celebrates 30 years in the burrito business.

Founded in 1992, Rodney Anderson opened the first location in Iowa City, IA. The concept quickly became a fan favorite in college town due to its freshly squeezed tortillas and perfectly blended ingredients. Pancheros has amassed a large following throughout its 30 years, with now 72 locations in 12 states, Pancheros continues to grow its brand while maintaining its reputation as an industry leader in quality and food service.

“As I reflect on the past 30 years of the Pancheros business, I feel incredibly honored to have built this brand alongside our growing group of dedicated franchisees,” said Rodney Anderson, Founder and President of Pancheros. “They are the ones who make it all possible, and I am grateful that they have followed, believed in and benefited from the Pancheros system. Our mission has always been to provide our franchisees with both great food and a great investment opportunity. , and after 30 years, it’s amazing to see the positive impact our brand has had on our new and long-time partners.We’re excited to see where the next few decades and beyond will take us.

To celebrate this milestone, Pancheros is launching attractive promotions to show their appreciation to their loyal fans. The promotions include an exclusive product line that will be available for purchase on the Pancheros website from August 1 through the end of the month. Additionally, guests who order at least one entree on the Pancheros app will receive 30 bonus points between August 8 and August 13 and have the chance to win one of 1,992 free burritos on August 14 via a mystery code shared on Pancheros’ Instagram. Account.

As Pancheros turns 30e year in business, its momentum has not stopped, with the past year being another period of strong growth for the fast-casual concept. With two openings in early 2022 in Cherry Hill, NJ and Bismarck, ND, additional locations are also planned in Somerset, MA and Stillwater, MN later this year.

“2022 has been a fantastic year for our growth, and we couldn’t be better placed to celebrate our 30th anniversary.e anniversary,” said Joe Gale, Director of Franchise Development at Pancheros. “With the classic taste of Pancheros that people know and love, combined with our new digital innovations and strategic expansion, there’s never been a better time to join Pancheros.”

Pancheros attributes its strong popularity to its brand loyalty program, which offers reward points, limited-time offers and exclusive promotions. On top of that, Pancheros strives to innovate digitally through the implementation of its app and mobile pickup window, which recently debuted in Moline, IL and Bismarck, ND.

Pancheros has won a loyal following for redefining the standards for modern burritos by using freshly squeezed tortillas and perfectly blended ingredients using Bob the Tool, a unique plastic spatula used to carefully mix ingredients to create the perfect taste. with every bite. .

The brand’s quest to create the perfect burrito dates back to 1992, when Pancheros founder Rodney Anderson opened the doors to his first restaurant in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. Since then, the brand has expanded into 12 states with 72 locations.

The beginning of Pancheros dates back to 1992 when Rodney Anderson opened the brand’s first restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa. Originally inspired by the Chicago taquerias that Anderson often visited with his friends during his teenage years, the brand’s drive to build Better Built Burritos launched Pancheros on an evolution based on simplicity and freshly pressed tortillas.

Amid its popularity, the brand has grown successfully from its roots and today a strong franchise program has led to nearly 72 locations in 12 states.


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