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LENOX – It’s kind of the end for a local restaurant, but not necessarily a sad end for its owner.

After more than a decade, Nudel is ending its restaurant operations in Lenox, owner Bjorn Somlo said.

Somlo, an industry veteran, said the establishment would cap its 13-year run on Church Street on Labor Day weekend.

Comfort food focus of the evolution of the Nudel Bar: Comfort & Craft

“We’re wrapping up,” Somlo told The Eagle on Thursday. “I’m actually retiring.”

“A lot of people hear about a restaurant closing and assume it has to do with a sad story,” he continued. “And it’s not a sad story. That being said, my involvement from the start was always because I was going to put everything I could into what we were doing, and now I’m turning my attention elsewhere.

Somlo declined to detail what next steps he might have in the works.

But he said he’s been in the culinary business since he was a teenager. He learned the ropes at restaurants in New York, New Orleans and the Stagecoach Tavern in Sheffield, eventually opening Nudel in 2009, when he was 29.

Management Spotlight: Bjorn Somlo/Nudel Restaurant and The Lantern Bar & Grill

Given the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of the industry, Somlo said he’s had “almost no breaks or vacations” since.

After the pandemic strangled the industry in 2020, Nudel re-emerged as a “pop-up, take-out” business, and later evolved into Nudel Bar: Comfort & Craft.

He says he focused on making memories during his last week at the helm of the restaurant. He thanked the people who helped him build the establishment, including chef Ryan McIntyre, and a litany of other names.

“We’re just excited to write our final chapter on Nudel and celebrate the big years,” he said.

Ultimately, he hopes the mantle of the restaurant’s intimate space will pass to someone who is passionate about hospitality.

It’s the same goal he has for The Lantern Bar & Grill on North Street in Pittsfield, the historic establishment that Somlo revived after owners closed it in 2017.

Owner hopes to pass 'The Lantern' to new operator in downtown Pittsfield

Somlo closed the restaurant doors again earlier this year and said he was working with the owners, Mill Town, to try to find a new owner/operator for the space.


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