Memo’s in West Springfield is adapting to pandemic changes in the restaurant industry


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – COVID-19 has hit the restaurant industry hard and the National Restaurant Association says it will never be the same again.

The biggest issues are supply chain and inflation, which go hand in hand and are forcing restaurants to rethink. For Memo’s restaurant in West Springfield, they had to find new suppliers for cheaper items in bulk. The price of raising the eggs is about to cost them at least $1,200 more.

“I have to work a little harder to do the shopping. Going around to keep my prices low so we can stay competitive and keep people happy,” said Memo owner Dominic Pompi.

The lack of truckers causes the products to arrive later. The National Restaurant Association says rising costs are likely to continue through 2022, and 96% of restaurant owners don’t believe supply chain issues will be resolved this year.

Luckily for Memo’s, their clientele kept them afloat. Pompi told 22News: “Hopes for 2022. Let’s see. Better supply chains. I hope we can understand the whole prices here, if we get better supply chains, we don’t have to worry about product prices or running out of some things.

Although they had a great year in terms of profits, they say one of the biggest challenges has been the supply chain when it comes to getting the items needed to make food.

“I would rub the magic lamp and wish more truckers would deliver the products, that’s what we need,” Pompi said.

Staffing for Memo’s hasn’t been a big deal for them, but nationally 70% of operators say they don’t have enough staff, and about 50% note it will be a major challenge this year. Only 25% of restaurateurs believe that this year will be more profitable than the previous one.

Fortunately, Memo’s has been successful during the pandemic, its profits have continued and they have adapted.


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