London’s Salt Bae restaurant recorded sales of £7million in its first three months


London’s Salt Bae restaurant recorded sales of £7million in its first three months. A flamboyant chef who uses condiments liberally is Salt Bae.

Nurs-Et Steakhouse, the establishment at the Park Tower hotel in Knightsbridge famous for its sky-high priced items like gold-wrapped tomahawk steaks, also made a pre-tax profit of £2.3million in December , although it only opened at the end of September. , according to accounts submitted to Companies House and first reported by The National. Turkish conglomerate Douş Group’s restaurant ‘performed better than expected’, despite the effect the Omicron variety of Covid-19 had on the UK hospitality industry at the end of the previous year, the company says .

As a photo of a £1,812.40 receipt for a table of six, which included £1.40 $11 cans of Red Bull, went viral soon after the London branch debuted , the results should come as no surprise. Salt Bae’s restaurant in London, which Observer critic Jay Rayner called a ‘ridiculous restaurant’, charges over £600 for a large tomahawk steak and £40 for a burger, with some herb-crusted fries being l cheapest item on the menu. . The channel is said to be a favorite of David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The chance to meet Salt Bae, the Turkish butcher-turned-steak merchant Nusret Gökçe, who founded the restaurant and has amassed more than 40 million Instagram followers since a video of him performing an elaborate steak-salting maneuver while donning a Tight white t-shirt and dark glasses has gone viral, is one of the factors attracting customers to the restaurant. Even though the group advertises waitress jobs paying upwards of £15 an hour plus tip, a plate of baklava at the restaurant still costs less than that amount.

Douş founded his first restaurant Nusr-Et in Turkey in 2010, and there are now more than 20. The company also owns the dessert shop Cafe di Dolce and the burger restaurant Saltbae.


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