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Due to the recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, some companies are banning Russian products or promoting Ukrainian products.

Some local Midlands restaurants are taking part in the protest, including Midwood Smokehouse, Polliwogs, Chubby’s Burgers and Brewhouse and Green’s Beverages.

Midwood Smokehouse showed its opposition to the war against Ukraine by stopping the sale of Russian alcohol. Above the bar at Midwood Smokehouse are bottles of Russian liquor bearing signs that read “sanctioned.” They also have a sign that says “Sanctioned Russian Vodka”.

All Midwood Smokehouse locations participate in the Russian Vodka Sanction. “It’s mostly symbolic; not using Russian-branded alcohol in our restaurants won’t change anything, but at the same time, it’s just a small gesture,” said Rémy Thurston, brand manager for Midwood Smokehouse. The restaurant chain uses Deep Eddy Vodka to replace Russian products.

Chubby’s Burgers and Brewhouse is also taking part by stopping the sale of Russian vodka. The restaurant has been closed since March 9 due to a fire in the kitchen, but plans to maintain a ban on Russian vodka when it reopens. The burger restaurant recently posted on Facebook that the restaurant will be closed for another two weeks, but the brewery reopened this weekend. Alcohol will not be served until the kitchen reopens as they cannot serve alcohol unless food is also served.

Polliwogs in northeastern Colombia has never carried Russian products, but still displays its disapproval of the war against Ukraine.

“We started offering a Ukrainian vodka and all the proceeds we get from its sale we donate to Ukrainian aid,” said Polliwogs owner Zane Jackson.

Polliwogs also offers an incentive to entice customers to participate in Russia’s opposition. “We’ll give you a dollar off if you say anything negative about Putin,” Jackson said.

Green’s Beverages customers have asked the store to start selling Ukrainian products, so they now offer a variety of Ukrainian beers. The discount drink store posted the new beers on its Facebook page, and all products are brewed and bottled in Ukraine.


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