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MITCHELL — A local Mexican restaurant owner plans to open a new oriental food establishment inside the old Easy Come and Easy Go gas station building along Sanborn Boulevard.

At Monday’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Josh Espinosa, co-owner of Mitchell’s El Columpio and Corona Village Mexican restaurants, revealed plans to open what he calls a “quick-service” restaurant that will will serve a wide variety of oriental cuisine and other specialty items.

Espinosa’s plan was met with strong support from the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday, as the panel unanimously approved the plan.

“It would be more of a quick service place where you walk in and order your food, much like a little Panda Garden Express. We will have both oriental food and other items for all ages,” Espinosa said.

Inside the restaurant, which Espinosa plans to call Mya’s Teriyaki, a tea and smoothie bar will also be featured.

The building at 503 N. Sanborn Boulevard will undergo a major makeover before the new food establishment can begin operating. The designs show that the restaurant could accommodate up to 40 people. Floor plans submitted to the city show that a walk-up window would be installed on the south side of the building for customers to place orders.

A parking lot of approximately 17 spaces should also be located along the west side of the building. Espinosa’s attorney, Don Petersen, said crews have begun removing gas tanks that are on the west side of the property.

Seen here is the former Easy Come and Easy Go gas station which is on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Sanborn Boulevard. A restaurant owner Mitchell plans to turn the building into an oriental cuisine establishment.

Adam Thury/Republic Mitchell

Espinosa pointed to the labor shortage as one of the main reasons he is sticking to the quick-service style of operation for the time being. However, he indicated that the establishment may become more of a full-scale restaurant in the future.

The site where Espinosa is preparing to open its latest local food establishment has housed several gas stations over several decades. Easy Come and Easy Go was the newest gas station to operate in the 2,450 square foot building.

The property has been listed on the market for about two years until Espinosa recently purchased it.

Urban planner Mark Jenniges said Espinosa has already submitted a site plan for the business, bringing it closer to opening Mya’s Teriyaki. Espinosa did not disclose a timeline for when he plans to open the restaurant.


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