Karen storms into restaurant demanding her sandwich much sooner, destroys $200 sign after 1 minute late


We all know what it feels like to be hungry. It can get hard to see in color and every slight irritation feels like the end of the world. When most of us feel this, we conserve the energy we have by staying quiet and finding a way to eat as soon as possible. Whether it’s making food yourself or buying it from somewhere, getting food comes first. If someone else is providing you with food, they’re a hero then and it makes sense to treat them as such. They deserve the kindness because they save you from the hanger monster inside.

However, one woman who visited Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion earlier this year clearly needs a lesson in how to behave appropriately while waiting for food. The restaurant owners didn’t have his bad behavior, so below you’ll find a message from the Fayetteville, New York-based sandwich shop where they called this particularly unruly customer, along with some of the responses the message received. . We’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments, but if you’re becoming a hungry panda right now, be sure to grab a snack first. We wouldn’t want to publicly shame you for being too rowdy in the comments…

This New York-based sandwich shop took to social media to call out a customer for throwing a tantrum while waiting for her food

Image credits: Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion

Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion has quite a presence online, having 24,000 Facebook followers, but that’s not at all surprising when you start reading the reviews. You can scroll through dozens of rave reviews from happy customers featuring drool-worthy images of their food. But aside from how everyone says the food is amazing, there’s another aspect that almost every review mentions: how awesome the staff are. It’s clear from almost every review that customers are consistently impressed with the food and the service they receive at Gino’s, so I’m sure it’s rare for a customer to freak out like this woman who broke her $200 sign. If she had just waited patiently like everyone else at the establishment, she probably would have loved her sandwich and had a great experience.

Many reviewers backed Gino’s to hold customers accountable

Whether this particular woman was more upset because she was having a bad day or because she was extremely hungry, we will never know. But that’s also no reason to lash out at staff, spew profanity around the restaurant and damage property. And while most of us know how to behave even when we’re hungry or having a tough day, our society’s emphasis on instant gratification might be a factor in some customers’ lack of patience. According to an oracle restaurant trends report in 2022, 76% of customers are annoyed when they have to wait 10 minutes or more to receive their meal after ordering at the counter. When you have access to almost everything when you want it, it’s hard to wait 10 minutes for a good meal.

We contacted Gino to find out if they were able to find Rebecca, but we haven’t heard back yet. I hope she was held responsible for the expensive sign, but I’m sure after being publicly ridiculed online, she learned her lesson. Service industry employees are treated terribly every day by authorized customers, but this woman really takes the cake. So, the next time you eat out, be sure to treat the employees more kindly and tip them nicely. For all you know, they might have had a madwoman shouting profanity at them only an hour before.

While others thought there would be a better way to handle this


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