Harvey’s restaurant owner retires after 33 years; leave the company under new management


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – It’s the end of an era for a Sioux City company. Harvey’s Restaurant is an American-style restaurant that occasionally adds a few selections of Greek dishes, and after 33 years a new owner will take over.

“The same people have worked for me for years and years, and I’m proud of my employees for helping me through the hard times and the easy times,” said Perry Antonopoulos, owner of Harvey’s restaurant.

For 33 years, Perry Antonopoulos has served the people of Siouxland as the owner of Harvey’s Restaurant in Sioux City.

“I came from Greece 45 years ago, I had nothing, I was working and I heard that this restaurant was for sale, so I bought it with the little money I had” , said Antonopoulos, “I bought this place in 1988, some days I work 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and I work hard all these years and I’m proud of what I have done for Sioux City and surrounding areas,” Antonopoulos continued.

Over the years, Harvey’s Restaurant has become famous for its excellent service and friendly staff, a standard Perry Antonopoulos (pictured above) instilled in its employees from the start.(KTIV)

Now is the time for Antonopoulos to hang up his apron and pass his legacy of hard work, family and delicious food into new hands. The future owner, Juan Lopez, will take over the business this spring.

“My two brothers are working there in the kitchen at the moment, and so we decided to have this new adventure, and our goal is to make this place work like it does with the same food and everything,” said Lopez said.

Over the years, Harvey’s has become famous for its excellent service and friendly staff, a standard that Perry instilled in its employees from the start.

“Perry somehow humbled us, helped us all grow and just been there. He just teaches you that no matter what, the only way to get somewhere in life is to work hard for it, and you know he reiterates that the harder you work, the more it will pay off in the long run,” said Jessica Sieberg, a waitress at Harvey’s.

With change on the horizon, all employees can agree one thing they will miss the most.

“We’re going to miss him, that’s who, we’re really going to miss him,” Harvey’s employee Tammy Beavers said.

Although there is a change in ownership, Antonopolous hopes the family atmosphere, great food and loyal customers will continue to come to Harvey’s long after he retires.

Catering is a family affair. The Antonopoulos children currently own “Greek to Me” in Sioux City. Earlier this week, his children took to Facebook to honor their father’s legacy at Harvey’s, saying: “To our father who sacrificed everything to give everything to his family…not only do we thank you, we wish a happy, relaxing and long-awaited retirement.”

Antonopoulos’ last day as owner of Harvey’s will be Monday, February 28. The new owner, Juan Lopez, and his family will take over from March 1st.

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