Guy Fieri hands a winner the keys to his new million-dollar restaurant franchise in Food Network’s new series ‘Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime’


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Tue, November 23, 2021 12:25 PM

The series premieres Sunday, January 2 on Food Network

√ Discovery+ subscribers can stream the premiere a week earlier on Sunday, December 26

Guy Fieri is expanding his successful restaurant empire and is looking for a talented food entrepreneur to run his very own Chicken Guy! franchise on “Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime,” premiering Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Food Network. The show is available a week earlier for discovery+ subscribers (Sunday, December 26).

Fieri was inundated with applications from all over the country and chose the top seven candidates to participate in the most intense and demanding job interview they had ever dreamed of, to become the owner of the brand new Chicken Guy site! franchise. Applicants must demonstrate that they can successfully lead all aspects of the food industry, from cooking to marketing to hospitality. Over the six hour-long episodes, there’s unexpected drama and a surprising turn of events when one of the contestants breaks under the pressure. Only one will see his destiny changed forever when he wins the last chance of his life.

“I’ll tell you right now, it’s not your ordinary everyday competition show. No eliminations, no unnecessary cooking every week. It’s a real job interview for a life-changing opportunity,” Fieri said. “The ‘Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime’ contestants must prove they are the best all-around talent in the food business, and if they can do that, we’re in business…together.”

Courtney White, President of Food Network and Food Streaming Content for Discovery Inc., said, “We ran cameras around the clock on ‘Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime’, documenting every aspect of this job interview. unprecedented and grueling, 24/7. To win, these contestants study through the night, then rise at dawn to apply their new skills on the actual food line with Guy evaluating their every move . The pressure and the stakes could not be higher. It’s an intense and thrilling journey to watch.

To increase the difficulty of the interview, Fieri and his business partner Robert Earl hand-selected an expert panel of business and food professionals to help mentor candidates each week and determine the winner, including: Maneet Chauhan, Hunter Fieri, Anthony Hoy. Fong, Antonia Lofaso, Christian Petroni and John Thall.

The first episode begins to welcome everyone to “Chicken Guy! University” for a training in everything there is to know about the franchise. First, Fieri challenges them to the Cooking Channel, where they must learn each station and how to prepare each menu item.No one is prepared when Fieri opens the doors to customers, which means they must meet the lunch rush, all under his watchful eye as he waits. ensuring every detail is executed correctly. The pressure mounts week by week as the contestants have to prove they want the franchise the most. Midway through the episode, a contestant is overwhelmed with pressure, making a shocking decision that upsets everybody.

In the finale on Sunday, February 6, the contestants serve hundreds of customers in a “Fly or Fry” food festival, the culmination of all the training, criticism and intensity. There, they run individual dining tents to present their unique culinary insights to Fieri, the judges and the huge crowd. They must fully perform a grand opening of an all new Chicken Guy!

Ultimately, one contestant will beat all others to win “Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime” and the keys to his own franchise.

Candidates vying for this opportunity are Kevin Cooper (Philadelphia), Chase Davis (Atlanta), Cayton Flippen (Paris, Texas), Eboni Henry (Dallas), Chelsea Sargent Lira (Houston), Phillip Tomasso (Rochester) and Douglas Walls ( Asheville, North Carolina).

Fans can meet the contestants at They can also find out how to make the classic chicken sandwich on the Chicken Guy! menu, and watch judge Antonia Lofaso create her version of the ultimate chicken sandwich. Follow the competition on social media using #GuysChanceOfALifetime.

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