Essential equipment you will need to open a new restaurant


Restaurants are a booming industry. You may be considering working in this industry yourself, or maybe you are already invested in it. Either way, understanding the equipment you’ll need to open a restaurant can ensure the success of your new establishment. The equipment you will need will largely depend on the type of restaurant you plan to open.

If you plan to have a sit-down restaurant, chances are it will require more expensive equipment than a food truck. You can buy, rent or lease restaurant equipment. There are benefits to each option. You need to weigh your options and decide what is best for your specific situation. Here are some essential equipment you need to open a new restaurant.

Commercial cooking equipment
You will have to prepare meals in your restaurant. Look at what types of meals you will need to prepare, then find a good reliable equipment supplier with the type of equipment you need. You will need ovens, grills, rotisserie equipment and other cooking utensils. You’ll want to research the different options and make sure you get the type of gear you need.

Durability should also be a concern. How much energy will the equipment use? How much energy will it cost to operate? Modern equipment is much more energy efficient than older models. Green solutions are also available. Commercial kitchen equipment can vary widely in cost. You will want to look for the most affordable option without lacking in quality and reliability.

Commercial refrigeration equipment
The best place to start is with kitchen equipment, starting with commercial refrigerators and freezers. You will need a large amount of refrigeration space as you will be storing many different foods, both fresh and frozen. Perishables, such as food and vegetables, will spoil if they spoil. For this reason, you need refrigeration equipment to keep your perishables cool.

You will also need a large amount of freezer storage space if you have a lot of frozen foods in your inventory. There are many types of commercial refrigeration systems on the market today. A co2 cylinder manufacturer can be a great place to start looking. Be sure to do your research and choose the system that will meet all your needs at a reasonable price.

restaurant dining room furniture
Your customers will sit on your restaurant furniture for a long time. This requires furniture that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Your dining room furniture should be practical enough that your staff can easily clean it after each use. The interior design of your restaurant can have a significant impact on the overall look of your establishment. Your dining room furniture should blend in well with the decor. Ask a good furniture designer to help you choose the best restaurant chairs and booths for your new venue. You can create a lot of excitement for people by adding unique and eye-catching decoration pieces. The decor of the restaurant includes booths, bar stools and even wooden tables like maple or oak.

Security equipment
A restaurant is susceptible to accidents. You need a good amount of safety equipment to keep employees and customers safe. This will include fire extinguishers, fire alarms, working smoke detectors and other safety equipment needed in an emergency. Make sure you have enough of this vital gear on hand. Your employees need to know where this equipment is in case of an emergency. Safety training is also crucial in this industry. There are safety rules that customers and employees should be aware of. Your customers are sure to return to your restaurant knowing they will be safe while enjoying their meals.

Food processors and blenders
You will need good food processors and blenders if you plan to serve food that is not fried. You’ll need it to serve customers dishes like soups, salads, pastas, and other recipes that require chopping and mixing. These kitchen helpers are indispensable. You are going to need the best you can afford. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. The best thing to do is ask your equipment supplier which one they recommend and then take it from there.

Some restaurants also require other equipment such as a meat slicer, commercial drink mixer, mixers and other specialized equipment. You might also need machines to make homemade ice cream, fudge, and other topping items for unique offerings. You will also need a commercial chopper to make meat, bread, fries and other fresh foods.

Tableware and commercial glassware
You will need plates, bowls, mugs and plenty of crockery. When choosing your tableware, consider the overall look of your restaurant. Make sure not to be too decorative if it’s not necessary.

Customers want to see the food they’re eating, not the table layout. It’s best to select simple, easy-to-clean dishes that will make your customers feel comfortable in your restaurant. You will also need a good amount of cutlery when serving food. It is wise to invest in a complete set of service parts. This helps add a professional touch to your establishment. You should have enough for every customer who wants to eat in your restaurant.

Food preparation counters
You will need enough space for all your equipment and a workspace for your staff. You need a good amount of counter space and extra prep area for things like chopping veggies and making salad dressings. You should also have room for dishware and a sink to provide efficient service.

Your food prep counter should be made of high quality, durable materials. Areas that come into contact with food should be made of a material capable of withstanding heat, humidity and other impacts. You’ll also need an extra refrigerator nearby to store salad dressings, bread, and other foods while they’re being prepared. You should carefully plan the layout of your building to provide a manageable and organized kitchen and staff area.

You must consider all aspects of the restaurant before opening your doors. You can’t jump right in. Plan everything before you start building. That way, if something goes wrong, you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with multiple bills due at once. There is no need to run out and buy all the kitchen equipment right away. You can start by getting a few basic items right away and then slowly adding them to your kitchen as you go.


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