Emerging Healthy Food Restaurant Brand Reports on Building Franchise Model of Walk Before You Run


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Franchising is not a new invention. Albert Singer and IM Singer & Co. became the first commercial franchisor in 1851 after establishing the brand with local offices run by its employees.

But for some food and beverage companies today, franchising is not a priority because they want to control the product or the environment. For every McDonald’s Corp. MCDwhich has nearly 40,000 franchises and $89 billion in sales, and dunkyn Group of brands DUNKN with 12,000 franchise locations, there are companies like Mexican Chipotle Grill Inc. GCM and Starbucks Corp. SBUX who refuse to franchise.

Muscle Builder Inc. GRILL however, views franchising as central to growing its footprint, but seeks to do so in a way that both retains the integrity of its brand and helps future franchisees.

Operating in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry, the Company’s Pokemoto Hawaiian poke restaurants offer “healthier for you” foods in traditional and non-traditional locations, distribution and menu options.

Muscle Maker says its strategy is focused on growth through franchising but, more importantly, ensuring that its company-owned locations in key markets contribute to future franchise growth.

Muscle Maker’s strategy is to proliferate non-company owned franchises in areas where Muscle Maker is seeding right now. This provides a low-cost way for the business to continue to expand its footprint and brand rather than owning and operating each individual site at the corporate level.

While Muscle Maker’s Pokemoto restaurants are primarily located in the Northeastern United States, its Muscle Maker Grill restaurant division also operates on military bases such as Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Fort Bliss, Texas and Fort Benning, Georgia. .

Additionally, Muscle Maker Grill restaurants are open in Kuwait, where its restaurant partner provides all operational support, training, distribution and manufacturing of various proprietary items used to supply the locations.

Last November, Muscle Maker signed a master franchise agreement with its Kuwaiti partners for 40 locations in Saudi Arabia, using the Kuwaiti team and their experience to sell, train and support the new Saudi locations.

Through its Pokemoto brand, Muscle Maker seeks to leverage a restaurant industry focused on healthier, high-quality food options to meet the needs of consumers demanding healthy choices, clean labels, nutritional options and a customization.

With its future focused on growth through franchising, Muscle Maker is looking to grow its core brand and focus on strategically located company-owned restaurants, providing a foundation first by hiring the right people. employees and creating a brand that customers want.

For more information about Muscle Maker Inc., visit www.musclemakergrill.com.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.


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