Don’t compare restaurant prices with home cooking, catering association urges


The Association of Food Service Establishments urges food bloggers and restaurant owners not to compare the price of home-cooked meals with that of food served in restaurants.

That comparison was unfair, ACE said Wednesday.

It was one of several issues flagged by the association in a statement in which ACE expressed concern over criticism shared on food-related blogs and Facebook groups.

“ACE urges local blogs and other social media platforms that are directly or indirectly related to the restaurant industry to be more careful, factual, correct, responsible and sensitive in the posts they regularly upload.

“ACE reminds these social media platforms of the responsibility they bear and the impact they have on the well-being of the industry,” the association said.

Asked to elaborate, a spokesperson said bloggers and those who write reviews on Facebook groups tend to generalize when criticizing an establishment.

“Not everyone is the same. Just because you’ve had an experience doesn’t mean you can’t generalize,” the spokesperson said.

“It is much more important when you keep in mind the difficult times the restaurant industry is currently facing. Misinformation can only serve to send the wrong message and foment unfair comments from the big audience.

“ACE hopes common sense will prevail as now is the time to work together in the interests of the restaurant industry rather than divisive through unfair and incorrect messaging,” the statement read.

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