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Guess we’ll be going to American Coney Island from now on.

Lafayette Coney Island has temporarily lost the Detroit Coney Dog War with neighboring American Coney Island. Not because their dog isn’t up to par, but because the Detroit health department allegedly found rat poop in the restaurant.

Lafayette voluntarily closed after a failed health inspection on Tuesday, then reopened briefly before receiving an official cease and desist notice on Wednesday.

A notice for the restaurant states, “This eating establishment shall not be engaged in commercial activities or used as a food service establishment until approved by the Detroit Department of Health.”

The department was alerted to the potential rats inside Coney Island following several social media posts.

“Just yesterday, we received an abundance of social media notifications from our Detroit residents that there were several rodents walking through the Lafayette building,” said Denise Fair Razo, health officer public in the city of Detroit. The Detroit News. “We immediately sent a team of inspectors to the scene. Although we did not see any rodents passing through the restaurant, we saw substantial evidence that there were rodents there…several sightings of droppings.”

Our calls to Lafayette Coney Island went unanswered.

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