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Atlanta, Georgia – Anyone who thought the restaurant industry was technologically backward has a surprise in store. Restaurants are catching up fast! The industry has just been given a new avenue to train its managers and train future restaurateurs faster and at a lower cost. Restaurateurs, meet Coursini.

Coursini was conceived when a veteran restorer Cliff Bramble had to close a restaurant. As he knew the business, he knew there were always training, financial and marketing issues. Also, many managers were still working in the field and had no time to stop and learn. So he created an on-demand system where they could learn about business from the palm of their hand. This time he took his bestseller, The commercial side of restaurantsand developed courses from real-world experiences.

The first course developed was on finance. Cliff points out: “Finance is still the number one area where managers lack knowledge. So it was a natural area to start with. After this course, Coursini developed his marketing course. “Marketing is up close when it comes to areas of learning, and now students can take on-demand courses and learn the stages of promotion.” Plus, it’s all based on real-world experience that Cliff used throughout his career. The third course was in Human ressourcesand now individuals can learn pay, hiring systemse-verify and work analysis from real owner experience.

Cliff mentions: “This is precisely what the industry needs in an era in which we find ourselves.” Students register and follow the coursesthen review videos, take quizzes, and watch presentations. “Now, instead of browsing Instagram or Facebook feeds, an individual can take a fifteen-minute class and learn something. At the end of a class, the student becomes certified. Cliff says, “To complete the quizzes, a student must obtain a mark of seventy or more, which maintains the credibility of the courses.”

Currently, there are two bundled courses; one for a single user, and one for one team of five. Coursini has even developed a course for franchisees to learn more about business. Course prices range from $300 to $550 for management teams.

There were three reasons for developing the courses. First, the courses make it easy for individuals to access industry courses 24/7 and on any device. Second, it will allow individuals to increase their level of education locally. And third, it is faster and cheaper to take these courses than it would be for a child to earn a degree in restaurant management. Now, with around thirty mini-training courses in catering companies ranging from human ressources for marketing for Sales Analysisindividuals can take a course 24/7 and on any device.

Cliff mentions, “A big problem has always been that the restaurant manager couldn’t leave the establishment. Now, during his downtime, a manager can learn.” Cliff points out, “In my last thirty years of managing or co-owning restaurants, I’ve probably hired two managers with hospitality degrees. Everyone else was promoted from within or had degrees, but their degrees weren’t industry oriented. This tells me that we can train people and successfully lower their education costs while helping industry replenish staff and maintain their teams’ payrolls. Also, if there are current staff in place and they want to learn more, they have a training system in place for them.”


On Coursini

Coursini was founded to help individuals learn the restaurant industry faster and at a lower cost. With over thirty mini-courses, Coursini takes real-world experience and brings it to life with videos, examples, presentations, and quizzes. Founder, Clifford Bramble is an award-winning conservator, best-selling author of two books (The commercial side of restaurants and The Marketing Side of Restaurants) and restaurant consultant. The Georgia Restaurant Association recognized him as “Restaurateur of the Year”. He is the host of the Be Hungry podcast and has previously co-founded/co-owned some of the best restaurants in Georgia and one of the best steakhouses in the United States. (Kevin Rathbun Steak – by Details Mag, Travel & Leisure, Playboy.) His forty years of restaurant and business experience have helped him become a restaurant expert, avid podcast guest, speaker and writer ( Restaurant Informer Magazine) in the restaurant industry.

Contact: Cliff Bramble – Hungry Hospitality LLC

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Release date: January 27, 2022


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