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From death comes new life. This is often the case in the restaurant and bar industry. When one establishment closes shop, another is not far away. Often the new tenant starts moving in immediately after the death of the old tenant. This, once again, turns out to be true. It wasn’t until earlier this month that a Tucson establishment announced it would be moving from its downtown location, and now a new restaurant is jumping on the vacant opportunity.

About a week ago, Ten55 Brewing, a restaurant and microbrewery, announced it would be moving downtown, looking for another location closer to downtown. While that eventual address has yet to be announced, the replacement for its downtown address has been revealed. In fact, the Rio Nuevo board has already granted funding for the new facility.

Officially titled Blue Front, the 110 East Congress site will be operated by Patricia Schwabe, who runs the Penca Restaurant. The name itself is a bit of a throwback, as it is named after the tenants of the building who occupied the space all the way back in 1914. However, in terms of menu, decor or anything else of that nature , nothing else has been announced beyond the name, and that the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner with Happy Hour specials (food style or restaurant theme is anyone’s guess at this point ).

Ten55 Brewing Company has not fully cleared the space at 110 East Congress. It will still be serving beer and goodies until the end of the day on Sunday May 29, so fans of the brewery and restaurant who want a last pint before the establishment closes for the summer (the owners hope to have the new location operational by the fall), there are a few days left.

The partnership between the Rio Nuevo Board and Patricia Schwabe’s Blue Front is just one of many diverse projects that have both been completed and are currently underway throughout downtown Tucson. Other projects include the 1 South Church Avenue project, which received $38 million in funding, the Caterpillar Mining Center in Tucson (currently estimated to have an economic impact of $600 million), as well as the Brings (formerly known as Brings Funeral Home), and the Bautista, which is expected to be completed sometime this year for a $7.25 million investment from the board.


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