Chicken Oil Company plans to restore a restaurant


BRYAN, Texas — The Chicken Oil Company released a statement Sunday night advising customers that the reopening process won’t be quick, but they are looking forward to reopening their doors.

With plans to restore their restaurant, Dixie Chicken marketing manager Adam Drake explained how the process is going after the fire.

“They did their best and they did an incredible job of making sure the fire didn’t go past where it went and our rear storage area,” Drake said. “They did their job to make sure everything in the kitchen and dining area was saved.”

As repairs continue to take place, Drake says community support has helped elevate the restaurant during this difficult time.

“Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears reading about how much the Chicken Oil Company means to people and I’m one of those people too,” Drake said. “This is one of the first places I ever came to eat when I moved to town in 2007 and it’s been such a part of my life before I even worked here and I love it.”

A place where people have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other memorable moments, Drake is especially grateful for the outpouring of posts on social media.

“Share your love and share your support and share your prayers,” Drake said. “It means more to us than anyone could ever know and thank you so much. We love being part of the Bryan-College Station community, we love being part of Aggieland and we can’t wait to be back.”

There is currently no date set for when The Chicken Oil Company will reopen, but plans are in place to ensure this restaurant continues the legacy it left to the community.


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