Chick N Max restaurant is coming to central Kansas this year


A franchise industry veteran plans to open a new restaurant in several Kansas communities. Rusty Rathbun, regional manager of Chick N Max Kansas, said he wanted to bring the chicken-focused restaurant from Salina to Hutchinson to Hays.

Rathbun hopes to open its Chick N Max in Salina later this year, adding to its stores in Wichita.

Over the next five years, Chick N Max will settle in the western half of Kansas. Rathbun said that during this year at least one store in Salina, another in Wichita and one in Derby will open.

Later, Rathbun, who grew up in Liberal, said he planned to build one in Hutchinson, Hays, Pratt and Great Bend.

Rathbun started in the franchise business in 1987, when he opened Subway stores across Kansas, but last year he left the franchise to start carrying Chick N Max to several Kansas communities.

“I want to see what we can do for this community through donations, support and creating jobs and income,” Rathbun said.

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Chick N Max, what is it?

Chick N Max currently has two stores in Wichita and another in Topeka. After witnessing his success in Wichita, Rathbun said he wanted to join their team.

By blending fast food with table service, Rathbun said, Chick N Max offers customers a “fast casual” experience, describing “fast casual” as a service concept for all customers who wish to eat inside the restaurant. or use the drive-thru on the side.

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“It’s almost like full service, but it’s kind of in between, and it’s one of the fastest growing concepts in the restaurant industry today,” said said Rathbun. “When customers come to the counter and order, employees bring the food and clean the tables afterward, but you can also perform or go through the drive-thru.”

Rathbun said the restaurant chain serves chicken sandwiches, chicken meals and a list of nine “homemade” sides.

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Over the next five years, Rathbun said he hopes to see Chick N Max in central Kansas communities and spread to western Kansas while helping franchise owners succeed in their cities.

“We want to introduce a culture where people will come knocking on our doors wanting to come and work for us,” Rathbun said. “In return, (employees and franchisees) care about each other and bring success to their cities.”


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