By the Bucket, a restaurant chain selling “buckets of spaghetti” is coming to Salt Lake City Sugarhouse in Utah


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Fast Italian food is coming to Salt Lake City!

“By the Bucket,” a family-style Italian take-out restaurant is set to make its Utah debut in the Sugarhouse area at the corner of 700 East and 2100. The website notes that founder, Bret daCosta also has his eyes on Springdale as an alternate location.

daCosta, also a single dad, signed a lease for By the Bucket in January 2018 and opened the franchise’s first location in the small town of Payson, Arizona, after he found himself throwing away leftover spaghetti he cooked for dinner many times. “I quickly learned that when you cook one pound of dried spaghetti, it produces over two pounds of al dente pasta. Way too much for two; actually enough for a large family,” daCosta shared on the website. his company.

From there, the father-turned-chef joked, “If we could sell our leftover spaghetti, we could make a lot of money.” Today, daCosta produces both buckets of dough and spaghetti!

Given its approach to the food industry, daCosta worked out the numbers. He found that an on-site restaurant would not be feasible, although the idea for the bucket kept resurfacing. “After all, Colonel Sanders sold chicken from a bucket, so why not spaghetti?” he wrote.

After just three years in business and without the help of paid advertising, By the Bucket has become the fastest growing quick service restaurant in Arizona. Taste, value, quality and a fair price keep customers coming back for more.

By the Bucket’s menu features “the best spaghetti you’ve ever had from a bucket,” as well as meatballs, meatball subs, desserts, and cold drinks.

Official opening dates have yet to be announced. To learn more about By the Bucket, Click here.


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