Brothers rebrand longtime Sandy Springs barbecue restaurant


Brothers Andy and Glenn McDaniel may have changed the name of their Sandy Springs barbecue restaurant to McDaniel’s QN2, but they’ve kept customer favorites while adding their own twist to the menu.

The brothers started here as a Slope’s BBQ franchise 20 years ago in March. They had the chance to make a change and jumped on it.

“We decided to change the name, rename it and… stick our family name on it,” Glenn said. The new name also plays on the restaurant’s most popular meal, “QN2”, which is one meat and two sides.

Andy McDaniel and his family are on the left, with Glenn McDaniel and his family on the right. Their parents are seated in front of their children and grandchildren. (Submitted)

Long history in the community

The brothers were born and raised in the Sandy Springs area. Their restaurant was previously a Happy Herman’s before they took over the space. They were frequent customers the entire time it was open, he said.

“Virtually our entire adult lives, we’ve been in business here before we were even a town,” said Glenn, who has worked in the restaurant industry since 1994. “My first restaurant job was at the Derby on Hammond Drive at Perimeter Mall during the 10 Cent Wings era.

Glenn’s children now work at the family restaurant – the oldest is a high school student, another a freshman and the youngest an eighth grader.

“My eldest son has been running my cash register since he was eight years old. So all of my customers have seen my son grow up behind the checkout,” Glenn said.

The brothers also support the community. For about 10 years, they provided food for the Boy Scout troop that serves food at the July 4 parade in Dunwoody, Glenn said. So, on Monday morning, they will feed about 900 people.

Additionally, they will be selling food in City Springs in a tent across Johnson Ferry Road from their restaurant for the 4th of July celebration in Sandy Springs.

A rack of barbecued ribs is a favorite at McDaniel’s QN2. (Submitted)

What’s on the menu at McDaniel’s QN2?

glen said the brothers aren’t trying to upset anything at the restaurant. They want to offer customers the same favorite dishes they enjoy, but with a little more of their personality on the menu.

“Pretty much the expectations are the same as they always have been, just a few tweaks, just a few daily specials,” he said.

Standard is their pork, ribs and chicken breast, plus all the trimmings. McDaniel’s QN2 menu includes bone-in chicken, ground chicken, sliced ​​breast, and St. Louis cut ribs. They try to make a special side every day.

“Our heavy hitters are [the] chicken salad sandwich… smoked meatloaf, smoked filet mignon. We have a Friday night fried catfish party,” he said.

Wednesdays are for sausage links with sausage sliders on Fridays. They have rotating promotions on Thursday nights, which are trivial nights.

“We do fried green tomatoes two days a week. We do a lot of barbecue potatoes called cue-tato every Monday night,” he said.

Four BBQ sauces are available, including a sweeter regular sauce, mustard sauce, spicy vinegar sauce, and hot wing sauce.

McDaniel’s QN2 also sells everything in bulk for customers to take home.

“Every time someone goes to a party, they stop here for a liter of beans or a liter of coleslaw,” Glenn said.

When they want to comfort friends or neighbors who are going through a difficult time, such as illness or death in the family, they will buy a family pack with meat and two sides.

“You drop it off for a family so they can have a good meal without work. We sell tons of them,” he said.


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