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Ownership of the Veganry, which opened in January this year, is changing hands. Owner Jayne Brahler recently announced that villagers Angie Hsu, Matan Mazursky and Kumar Jensen will take over the helm of the vegan restaurant. (Photo by Reilly Dixon)

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“The big news first: the restaurant is changing hands and will continue to be a vegan establishment. The good news is that Black Barn Veganry ice cream will still be available,” Veganry owner Jayne Brahler wrote in a recent email to The News.

While many villagers who enjoyed Veganry’s menu options may be disappointed by the announcement, Brahler hopes the community will welcome the site’s new owners, villagers Angie Hsu, Matan Mazursky and Kumar Jensen.

“I’m sure many of you know Angie, Matan and Jensen and will agree – they’re a perfect match,” Brahler wrote.

In an email to the News, the new owners expressed their excitement for their new business, which is yet to be named.

“We look forward to joining the Yellow Springs small business community. Obviously, not only do people want it, but our environment needs it,” they wrote. “We are thrilled with this new opportunity, which has captured our hearts, minds and imaginations very quickly. We are passionate about the power of food as a vehicle for storytelling and sharing, as an exploration of identity and community, and as a force to bring people together. Jayne has blazed a new trail for plant-based foods in Yellow Springs and the region, and we’re excited to continue that journey.

Brahler told the News that since she opened Veganry — one of the few all-vegan restaurants in the area — people have been coming from all over the area, including Cincinnati and Columbus.

According to Brahler, one of the reasons she decided to sell the restaurant goes against current economic trends in the restaurant industry. At a time when many restaurants are struggling to stay open, Brahler faced the opposite dilemma: high demand. The Veganry, which opened Jan. 1, was a labor of love and “immediately took off like wildfire,” Brahler wrote.

Brahler, 69, a former professor who recently retired from the University of Dayton, admitted that despite her love of restaurant management, time has caught up with her.

“I will miss this experience. But let’s face it, I’m not a spring chicken, and the extra time I was asked on the days we weren’t open became too much. So I decided to focus on my ice cream and desserts and have someone else do the food,” she wrote.

Brahler said that before she decided to sell the restaurant to Hsu, Mazursky and Jensen, she had received several offers from people outside of Yellow Springs, but turned them down because it didn’t seem fair to her.

“These evenings, however, planted the seed in my mind that I could sell if I felt the need or the desire,” she wrote.

Brahler, who continues to have mixed emotions about the sale of her beloved restaurant, ultimately decided she had to do so to preserve her health and focus more on her family’s needs.

“I reached out to some friends who are Yellow Springs residents to see if they might be interested in running a vegan restaurant and it was a perfect match,” she wrote.

While the new owners have decided not to buy Brahler’s menu, his popular vegan ice cream will be offered at the yet-to-be-named new restaurant when it opens. The owners plan to open in early 2023, and will announce a “more specific” opening date at the end of the year.

“We are excited to keep the community updated as we get closer to launching the restaurant,” they wrote.

In the meantime, people can still buy Brahler’s treats. She plans to maintain a few limited hours until the new restaurant opens, and people will be able to buy ice cream until the end of the year. Times will be announced on the Black Barn Veganry Facebook page.

The News will update the community as more details about the restaurant become available.


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