Better Than Sex – A dessert restaurant creates an alluring customer experience with high-tech, tactile menus

Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant's Between My Red Velvet Sheets Cheesecake

Better Than Sex-A Dessert Restaurant’s Between My Red Velvet Sheets Cheesecake

Uptown Network’s iPad digital menus provide a safe, sexy, and on-brand experience through COVID and beyond.

iPad menus have been instrumental in bringing our one-of-a-kind menu items to life for customers in a way that printed menus never could.

— Dani Johnson, Chef and Co-Founder

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA, July 20, 2022 / — Uptown Network has helped fast-growing franchise Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant improve operations by replacing its paper menu with menu technology Uptown Digital. Better Than Sex is an upscale restaurant that combines a creative dessert and drink-only menu with an intimate, romantic, speakeasy setting.

“Digital menus were essential to our vision and concept,” says Len Johnson, co-founder of Better Than Sex. “Beyond enhancing and delivering the most important customer experience, digital menus allow us to more efficiently operate small-footprint, reservation-driven restaurants that are only open a few days a week. .”

Better Than Sex offers couples a unique romantic experience for a date, anniversary, proposal or other special occasion, or a creative alternative to an after-dinner drink in a loud club or bar. The limited-seat restaurant welcomes couples and singles, with a maximum of four people. Privacy is the order of the day, with candlelight, well-spaced tables, discreet partitions or curtains between tables, and attentive but subtle service.

Known for its fun, creatively portrayed and evocative concoctions, Better Than Sex in 2012 enhanced its all-important menu experience with rich, visually appealing menus on Uptown Network’s iPads. Clunky paper menus viewed with the provided flashlights have given way to backlit menus with “pop” on the iPad, many of which tend to stay on the tables and within easy reach throughout the dining experience.

The time and cost of printing paper menus have evaporated. The menus were always up to date. Owners had more screen real estate to promote their brand experience and eye-catching party items.

A loving concept

Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant is the brainchild of husband and wife entrepreneurs Len and Dani Johnson. In 2008, the couple turned a love of scrumptious desserts (hers) and a hobby of creating them for family and friends (hers) into a pioneering and instantly popular restaurant in Key West. Fourteen years later, the two own and operate two Better Than Sex – A Dessert restaurants in Key West and Orlando, Florida, with franchise-operated restaurants in Savannah, Georgia; Los Angeles, California; Map, Texas; and Greenville, SC – and more to come.

“iPad menus have been instrumental in bringing our one-of-a-kind menu items to life for customers in a way that printed menus never could,” says Dani Johnson, Executive Chef and Co-Founder . “It makes our items more, well, a bit teasing, and allows customers to visually desire them before ordering.”

Pioneering the use of digital iPad menus, Better Than Sex has continually made them work harder for the brand. They added their merchandise menu, popular themed playlists (music and others) and social media links, as well as accessibility features. With the eventual integration of QR codes into the dining experience, customers will be able to access the entire menu on their personal devices, if they prefer.

Navigating COVID and beyond

When COVID hit and shutdowns occurred, the founders of Better Than Sex quickly pivoted to keep the brand going. They moved to takeout by adding third-party delivery services. More importantly, they have creatively repackaged their intimate dining experience for takeout, including developing new formats. For example: they created a new dessert “sampler” (the Munch Box) that included four desserts and a mini-game involving a list of “(re)knowing” romantic questions for couples to play during lockdown.

When it reopened, Better Than Sex had a head start on its low-maintenance, easy-to-sanitize menus, partitions, and other COVID-friendly features already in place.

Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant plans to push its digital menus to do more, to accommodate changing customer preferences (such as more customers wanting to view menus on their mobile devices), allow customers to post item descriptions and images straight to social media like Instagram, and working harder as brand ambassadors. Beyond menus, the founders have also enthusiastically embraced digital technology across the company, both for in-room operations (e.g., point-of-sale systems) and behind the scenes.

Uptown Network estimates that its cloud-based restaurant management systems have saved more than 250 million paper menus from landfills to date, with a goal of 1 billion by the end of 2023.

For more information about Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant franchises, contact Len Johnson at 305-393-1049.

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