Bars and restaurants eagerly await sports betting


CINCINNATI — The application window is open for bars, restaurants and gaming hosts to file for a Type C sports betting license, which would allow sports betting kiosks to be added to their operation.

What do you want to know

  • Legal sports betting will begin January 1, 2023 in Ohio
  • Bars, restaurants and bowling alleys can now apply for Type C licenses
  • Restaurant owners are thrilled that this opportunity can attract customers to their businesses
  • Over 700 locations are pre-approved in Ohio


Business hasn’t been good for Kitty’s Sports Grill in downtown Cincinnati.

“Our weekday business isn’t what it used to be because of all the people still working remotely,” said Bill Watson, co-owner of Kitty’s Sports Grill.

Watson said that since the start of the pandemic, fewer people have been working downtown, which means fewer people are stopping for lunch – even fewer people even stopping for Reds games.

Watson said it had been difficult to find sales and staff, so he, his wife Betty Watson and son Garrett Watson run the operation.

But Watson is excited about a new opportunity on the horizon – entering the world of sports betting.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Watson said. “I think it would be a good draw for people to come and bet on any game, any… you name it.

Bars and restaurants, like Kitty’s, are hoping that adding these sports betting kiosks will be a big boost to business.

The initial application window for the Type C license is now open.

“For restaurants and bars who wish to be considered starting on this universal start date of January 1, 2023,” said Jessica Franks, Director of Communications, Ohio Casino Control Commission. “They will need to have their applications in the United States by August 15.”

Franks said the deadline doesn’t mean hosts won’t be able to participate, but could result in a delayed start. Ohio Lottery Lists 707 locations are pre-approved.

Franks said that since this is a new space for the state, there’s a lot to learn. For consumers who will use the kiosks, this will also be the case.

“The committee encourages Ohioans to gamble responsibly“, Franck said. “Many resources are available both on our website and in many local communities. And there is a lot of help available and services available for those who would like more information to which they can to address for more information.”

As a new era approaches in Ohio, potential hosts, like Watson, are excited about what’s to come for his restaurant and his guests.

“They don’t have to go to Las Vegas or anywhere, Indiana or anywhere to bet,” Watson said. “They could come here, place a bet, head to the Reds game, the Bengals game, whatever, then. I think it will be good.


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