Announcing the expansion of Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse


Salt Lake City – Having successfully built locations in the Mountain West, Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse is coming to the Midwest. Samuel Larkpor, Principal and Director of SRJ Capital, LLC, recently signed a three-store development agreement with Wingers Franchising, Inc., and plans to open its first location in downtown Oklahoma City in 2023.

The new restaurant will offer a wide variety of food and drink, combining award-winning handmade wings, Sticky Fingers, burgers, salads, craft beers and great service; Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse has perfected the art of offering its customers the comfort of a family restaurant with the liveliness of a Sports Pub. Renowned as a fun and energetic gathering place for friends and family, Wingers is an exceptional local place to socialize, watch a sports game, eat amazing American food, and drink a cold beer.

“Wingers is very excited to work with Sam Larkpor to bring the Wingers Alehouse experience to Oklahoma,” says Eric Slaymaker, CEO and Founder of Wingers USA, Inc. and we are excited to work with SRJ Capital and Sam in the Midwest.

Samuel Larkpor and his family came to the United States from Liberia, West Africa, in 1994. Larkpor grew up in the north of the city and has been a real estate investor since his early twenties.

Larkpor is the founder of SRJ Capital, LLC., and is excited to bring something new to Oklahoma residents.

“My first experience with Wingers was in Boise, ID,” says Larkpor. “When I first tried the signature sauce on the wings I fell in love with it. So when I saw an ad that they were selling franchises I contacted them to find out how I could owning one and bringing the concept to Oklahoma would be the perfect fit; there’s nothing like it here.

Two more locations are expected to open each year in the surrounding area. These three Wingers Restaurants & Alehouse will be the first restaurants in SRJ Capital, LLC’s portfolio.

“I’ve always wanted to be in the hospitality industry and I’m excited to be able to bring something new to my city,” says Larkpor. “The Wingers culture really fits into our town, and I’m excited to be part of a group that will bring something new to residents.


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