5 Ways This Restaurant Chain Is Making Its Next Destination Sustainable


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Ssustainability is the need of the hour and big companies around the world are slowly embracing this concept as well. While some are making the transition to renewable energy, others are committing to upgrading their recycling technologies. Big steps or small steps, a conscious change is visible in the actions of brands across all industries.

KFC India has also, throughout its progress, been on the path to sustainability with different types of initiatives implemented in various parts of its operations.

These include having solar panels (the KFC outlet in the Yamunanagar highway food court is solar powered); recycling water in various restaurants across the country and testing e-bikes for food delivery in select restaurants in Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

In a bid to harness sustainable solutions, KFC India has launched KFConscious. The brand has launched its most sustainable restaurant in T Nagar, Chennai – a first for the QSR industry in India.

This restaurant’s attention to detail comes down to everything from construction to decor, with solar panels, local clay tiles and sustainable laminate.

The Eco Space restaurant has various sustainable businesses

“We are passionate about nurturing a more meaningful future and are committed to creating a better future for our customers, communities and the environment. KFConscious has given impetus to our efforts to drive meaningful change and to be a pioneer of sustainability in the restaurant industry. As QSR’s leading brand in India, we are honored to be able to help drive the sustainability conversation forward and are proud to be able to chart the way forward,” said said Samir Menon, Managing Director of KFC India, adding that the brand is committed to creating a sustainable future for their customers, communities and the environment.

Here are 5 ways KFC is making their trip to India more sustainable:

A range of eco-responsible options

Through energy efficiency, the use of responsible materials and the diversion of waste, the restaurant ensures that its carbon footprint is reduced.

Renewable energy

The restaurant has installed solar panels with a capacity of 12 KW, which can save 18,000 units of electricity every year. In addition, 12% of the total energy consumption is extracted from these panels.

Solar panels have been installed at the new Eco Space Restaurant
Solar panels have been installed at the new Eco Space Restaurant

Reduce water waste

One hundred percent of the water rejected by the reverse osmosis system is used in the toilet flushing systems. This ensures that no water is wasted.

Energetic efficiency

The ambiance and aesthetics of the new space also add to the experience. The source – LED and natural light. In addition to this, there is also an energy management system in the kitchen which ensures optimized use of electricity.
This includes improved lighting services that reduce operating costs.
The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems use reverse ductable units that offer a 25% annualized energy savings over any conventional ducted system, according to KFC officials.

Promote sustainable lifestyles

KFC’s sustainability efforts also extend to its customers. They motivate their customers to adopt low-carbon behaviors, such as bringing their carrier bags for takeout orders.

The brand is also planning bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations on site.

All of these are focused on reducing carbon emissions. The brand plans to launch 20 such sustainable restaurants by the end of 2022.


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