45-Year Egg Harbor Township, NJ Restaurant is now closed


An iconic restaurant in southern New Jersey that has endured multiple recessions and a Great Recession has been forced to close.

I’ve been getting calls for several days that the Italian Bistro in Gaspares, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey (Atlantic County) has been closed.

In a social media post, Gaspare appears to have confirmed the news as follows:

Let’s start with a huge thank you to all our loyal customers! We could never have stayed open without you! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to close our doors. Covid-19 and all that comes with running a business since
took its toll. Gaspare and his amazing staff have worked hard to bring you great food for over 4 decades! Long live the 45 years!

This shows how difficult it has been for local businesses to navigate a COVID-19 pandemic of more than 2 years.

Here is an overview of Gaspare’s Italian Bistro as it is now:

Here is a close-up of the front door as it appears today:

It’s always a sad occasion to see long-standing businesses forced to close…especially when it’s due to outside forces beyond their control.

It is an establishment that has been around since 1977.

To put that into perspective, when Gaspare’s Italian Bistro first opened its doors, Jimmy Carter was the President of the United States.

We have had 7 more US Presidents since then.

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate this team on a job well done and wish them well in the future.

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