30 Times Restaurant Customers Were So Annoyed With The Way Their Food And Drinks Were Served They Had To Document It (New Photos)


We want food to be served on plates, like normal, civilized pandas. Don’t give us food in avocado shells, bits of wood, chips stuck in rocks, or sushi served in bonsai trees. We can’t take it anymore! We deserve to be treated right, not like Dr. Frankenfood’s guinea pigs.

Luckily, there’s an entire online community dedicated to shaming some really egregious examples of restaurants serving food on stuff that makes us say, “Seriously, what the hell were they thinking?” The “We Want Plates” subreddit is home to 795,000 people who have declared war on the presentation of plateless food and drink. We’ve rounded up the most gruesome recent photos to show you just how bad things can get when the people running things lose touch with reality.

Scroll down for the the best of the best of ideas that should not be repeated, ever. We guarantee you’ll start to respect places that use real plates a lot more from now on. In the meantime, try not to lose your appetite. And if you want more horrible photos without a plate, here is the dessert in the form of bored panda the most recent articles on r/WeWantPlates here and here. Enjoy your lunch!

Bored Panda reached out to Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, pie artist and author of “Pies Are Awesome,” to discuss why some restaurants go overboard with food presentation, the importance of context, and the impact visuals on our pleasure. of the whole meal. Jessica said the adage that “we eat with our eyes first” is very true and clever plating doesn’t mean luck. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy, quality and creativity if it’s done right. Unfortunately, not everyone is up to it.

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