10 portraits of admirable women in the restaurant industry


10 portraits of women – Every year on March 8, we celebrate women, their rights and their courage. Women, and we mean women in the plural, are each unique and representative of an entire individual. Their ideas and their lives vary, and their paths are different.

The restaurant industry is notoriously macho. Nevertheless, women are increasingly present in the kitchen and shape working conditions in their image. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we have decided to present 10 portraits of women present on the Montreal culinary scene. Each of them has a professional background that we admire and would like to share with you.

Raegan Steinberg: A generous and determined owner-chef

You may know Raegan Steinberg from the hit bar Arthurs Nosh on Notre-Dame Street West and his dirty greens counter in the beautiful new Cathcart food court, or his latest project, Bucky Roosters. We have sketched out the career of a sparkling and extremely talented chef, a go-getter and generous, with no shortage of projects.

Johanne Martineau: Nourish the body and the soul with her Merci la vie bakery

Johanne Martineau is a strong woman, full of love and who knew how to create her own luck. Today, she is co-owner of the café-boulangerie Merci la vie, one of the best bakeries in the province. Here is the portrait of a woman who did everything to be happy.

Cheryl Johnson: a key partner in the “reinvention” of Montreal gastronomy

Cheryl Johnson is an extraordinary chef, essential partner of the Montreal Plaza and the Foodchain alongside Charles-Antoine Crête.

The Wolfe Sisters: 10 Things to Know About the Women Behind Mandy’s

Rebecca and Mandy Wolfe are the sisters behind the famous company Mandy’s. They are sparkling, charming, epicureans and have opened several Mandy’s restaurants and counters (Old Montreal, Mile End, Westmount, Downtown, West Island, Atwater, Laval). Here are 10 things to know about women entrepreneurs in Montreal.

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre: The superwoman

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre is a chef and owner of two restaurants (Tapeo and Méson), has written two cookbooks, is a mother of two children and recently acquired Le Jardin du Bedeau grocery store in Kamouraska with comedian and host Christian Begin. Phew! Interview with Marie-Fleur St-Pierre, a truly inspiring woman.

Simone Chevalot: The woman behind the Buvette

Simone Chevalot is the Simone behind the Buvette Chez Simone. She is the one who often serves you a glass of wine, brings you your meal, or polishes the glasses at the bar of her establishment. Simone is also co-owner of Bar Furco and Café Parvis. An interview with an enterprising and inspiring woman, without really knowing it.

Mélanie Blanchette: Service and catering at their best

Here is a portrait of the co-owner of the famous Bouillon Bilk and Cadet. A relentless entrepreneur who has been passionately involved for years; first as a model waiter, and now as an exceptional restaurateur.

Janice Tiefenbach: Culinary activist at heart and excellent chef

She is the chef at Gia et Elena, which won the title of third best new restaurant in Canada in 2018. Portrait of a chef and a culinary activist that we love.

Stéphanie Labelle: Exceptional pastry chef and maple ambassador

A great cook. A great woman. A source of inspiration. Stéphanie Labelle is extraordinary and her Rhubarbe pastry is a remarkable business. Here is the portrait of a woman elected best pastry chef 2019 at the Lauriers.

Dyan Solomon: co-owner of Olive and Gourmando, Un Po Di Piu and Foxy

We have a big crush on this woman. And, of course, on its establishments. Interview with a savvy businesswoman, on her eclectic career and her major projects.

Happy March 8 everyone! If you have other inspirational women suggestions, write to us!


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