10 casual full-service restaurant franchise opportunities to consider


If there is one business that will always be in demand, it is restaurants. Whether you fancy serving sizzling steaks or cooking up delicious specialties, opening your own franchise with a big restaurant name is the perfect opportunity to dive straight into a thriving business.

Casual Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Take a look at the following 10 full-service or casual restaurant franchise opportunities to consider.

Dunkin Donuts

With over 70 varieties of donuts, alongside bagels, sandwiches and other tasty snacks, Dunkin Donuts has no trouble attracting customers. This popular restaurant brand has over 130 years of franchise experience. With an investment of between $ 228,620 and $ 1,691,200, you could run your own thriving Dunkin Donuts site.

Bennigan Grill and Tavern

Founded in 1976, Benningan Grill and Tavern is an iconic restaurant brand across the United States. Bennigan’s provides franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs to extend the success of this well-known restaurant brand. An initial investment of $ 1,400,000 to $ 2,600,000 is required, along with a franchise fee of $ 35,000 to $ 65,000 and a royalty of 4%.

Western sizzlin

The popular family-owned Western Sizzlin steakhouse has been a franchisee since 2009. An initial investment of between $ 1,061,000 and $ 4,500,000 is required to secure your participation in a Western Sizzlin franchise.

Country restaurants abc

Country restaurants abc provide franchise opportunities to those who wish to operate their own restaurant with a successful and well-known bistro brand. Acquiring an abc Country Restaurant franchise requires a fee of $ 50,000 and an additional 4 percent royalty. A 2% advertising fee is also required, based on monthly sales volumes.

Egg observation

Eggspectation offers a casual dining experience and is one of the fastest growing casual-style restaurant chains in North America. Those determined to run their own informal dining establishment can apply to become franchisees with Eggspectation. Potential franchisors need a minimum of 5 years of owner-operator experience in the casual dining industry and a minimum cash flow of $ 250,000.

Louie Bar

Louie Bar is a national bar brand, renowned for its cocktails and quality cuisine. Those interested in joining the 100 Bar Louie franchise network can apply to become a franchisee. A financial commitment of $ 500,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $ 1.5 million is required to operate a Bar Louie franchise.

KFC Corp.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been offering delicious chickens since its founding in 1930. The company is looking for new franchise units around the world. An initial investment of $ 1,465,000 to $ 2,286,000 is required to become a franchisee of KFC Corp.

Albert’s family restaurant

Albert’s invites those who wish to run their own successful restaurant to join this family catering brand. Restaurant enthusiasts and the desire to succeed should invest between $ 280,000 and $ 400,000. An initial franchise fee of $ 25,000 will provide franchisees with the license to operate under the name of Albert’s Family Restaurant.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

Originally a creperie in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1948, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery has grown into a full-fledged restaurant and bakery chain with units in over 500 locations across the United States. The company provides franchise opportunities for those who wish to operate their own Perkins restaurant and bakery. An initial investment of $ 1,579,625 to $ 2,355,625 is required.

Big Boy Restaurants

Big Boy Restaurants are popular family restaurants that promote fine dining and excellent customer service across the United States. An initial investment of $ 861,800 to $ 3,568,000 is required to become part of one of America’s most iconic restaurant brands.

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